How to Choose a Driving Training Course for Adults


As an adult, if you've never learned to drive, you may be nervous about getting behind the wheel; however, being able to own a car and drive yourself can mean more opportunities for employment and more convenience, even if you live in a city with reliable public transportation. Since it might be helpful and even required that you take a class rather than ask a friend for informal lessons, note a few tips for choosing the best driving training course for adults.

21 March 2017

Aquaplaning - How To Prevent It


When driving in heavy rain, you may experience the hazard of 'aquaplaning'. What is aquaplaning and how can you avoid it happening to you? Aquaplaning Aquaplaning is caused when surface water accumulates between a vehicle's tyres and the road surface it is running on. This causes a loss of traction between the tyres and the road, meaning that the driver is unable to steer, accelerate or brake. Aquaplaning is especially dangerous when you're driving at night and you can't see surface water until it is too late.

23 February 2017

Tips for choosing a driving instructor


A few private driving lessons from a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable instructor can go a long way towards helping you get your licence. They can help to ensure that you develop good driving habits from the outset and thus increase your chances of becoming a competent driver and passing your test the first time around. If you're just beginning your search for an instructor, here are some tips which should help you to find the right one.

14 February 2017