How to Choose a Driving Training Course for Adults


As an adult, if you've never learned to drive, you may be nervous about getting behind the wheel; however, being able to own a car and drive yourself can mean more opportunities for employment and more convenience, even if you live in a city with reliable public transportation. Since it might be helpful and even required that you take a class rather than ask a friend for informal lessons, note a few tips for choosing the best driving training course for adults.

Don't rush the bookwork

You may be in a hurry to start actually driving on the road, but a good driving training course should include a fair amount of bookwork first. This will ensure you learn the applicable laws of the road, as well as safety tips and techniques for driving even before you get behind the wheel. Trying to get through this portion of a course as quickly as possible, even if you hate bookwork, can mean overlooking the techniques you need to keep you safe when in heavy traffic, during inclement weather or for when your car has a mechanical failure on the road. Never choose a course that has only a short time spent on bookwork, but ensure this part of the course is thorough and offers practical information and advice.

Don't rush the instructor training

As with bookwork, you want to ensure you have plenty of training on the road with an actual instructor. Even if you have some driving experience, an instructor can notice issues with your technique that might put you at risk on the road, such as failing to look before merging or improper lane use. Both bookwork and time with a trainer are important, so don't choose a course that doesn't offer much time with this professional either!

Look for something tailored to your needs

A course for those who have never driven on the road may include more details about driving than one meant for those who are, for example, learning to drive in a foreign country or on the opposite side of the road. Some courses are also designed for adults who are handicapped or limited in their range of motion and who may need to rely on driving aids. Rather than assuming that all driving courses for adults are the same and a bit generic, look for one tailored to your needs and experiences in particular. This will ensure you get the instruction that is necessary for your limitations and that you are safe and confident when you do get behind the wheel.


21 March 2017

Taking art classes

I want to get some balance in my life, so I've decided that I need to take some art classes this year. It should be really fun. I'm going with my sister, and neither of us is that great at art, so I think it will be interesting to see how much we improve over the year with some professional help. If nothing else it should be funny to see what we produce! We are keeping track of our progress on this blog, so hopefully each week you'll see our art getting a little better and easier to look at.